Kristen and Nicholas Hoult at Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan (28/07/2014)

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Kristen Stewart on Instagram.

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Kristen arriving in Tokyo, Japan (25/07/2014)

  • "Kristen has arrived in Japan and showed up to the gate around 9pm. She was sweet to the fans, as always, and greeted everyone for a few min" (x)
  • "She was in hurry but the sweetie signed all the fans who were waiting at the gate! :) luckily, there were no paps, and only few fans, since it was almost 9 pm & the aiport is far away from the city center. She tried to sign my pic first, but signed my fan letter by mistake and was like "oops!" (x)
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New/Old pic of Kristen before the Met Gala 2014

hairbyadir#tbt to this beautiful friend before #metball2014. Miss this incredible girl so much! #kristenstewart@jilliandempsey #jilliandempseyjewlery #hairbyadir

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